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Aephyus Prologue

Aephyus Prologue

Hey everyone, the way this will work will be that the narrative will be at the top and at the bottom of the post I'll make my more "meta" comments on how the year went and why I did what I did.

They awoke, confused and lost but yet resolute to survive in the face of whatever terrors the darkness may conceal. Through the shrieks of pain and flashes of monster and torn person four of them pressed closer together, combining the light of their lanterns to illuminate the eternal night in order to face whatever mortal threat awaits them. No words are spoken, but each understands that they will live or die by their ability to fight together.

This is one of my favourite pictures in the rulebook.

For a moment the sounds of slaughter stop, the silence seems to last forever as the survivors wait anxiously for their battle to begin. It's then that the monster stepped from the shadows and into the light. It was hideous, at a first glance it wore the shape of a pale male lion, but once they looked on further they could see grotesque claws that eerily reminded them of their own hands. Silently the White Lion glared at the survivors, considering the prey in front of him. Then, without a sound it charged them...

The Survivors face off against the White Lion.

The beast hurled itself straight at the thin and wiry Logan and lashed out with its claws, causing superficial wounds to his arms. Logan attempted to strike back but the pain of his cuts prevented him from laying any blows on the monster. Maximo, the largest and strongest of the four survivors, hurled his founding stone at the lion, utterly destroying one of its hands. The women, blue haired Rhea, and the fair Thalia, hacked at the lion furiously, wounding its ribs, throat and mouth. The lion was surprised and angered by the savagery of these four survivors, turned to grasp Rhea in an attempt to isolate her. At the last moment though she dodged out of the way, leaving the lion empty handed.

They White Lion tries to grasp Rhea but she dodges out of the way!

Once again the survivors hurl themselves at the Lion, this time though their strikes hit empty air or are not strong enough to pierce the monster's hide. Only Logan, despite blood flowing freely from his wounded arms wounds the beast's flank. As Logan drives his stone into the lion it lets out a terrifying roar, knocking back all of the survivors before rushing back at Logan and clawing his torso viciously. Desperately Logan lashes out again, trying vainly to rip off its mane with one hand while he smashes in its elbow with his stone. The other survivors run frantically to aid Logan but can only look on as the monster grasps him. Logan though is not ready yet to die and he twists out of the lion's grasp, aided by the slipperiness of the blood now covering his body.

The combination of Terrifying Roar and a priority token has isolated Logan from the other survivors. Logan puts up one hell of a fight though and manages to give as good as he gets in the next few rounds.

The White Lion is now on top of Logan, but even then Logan manages to slash out and wound the monster's groin, maddening it greatly. In return the monster savages Logan's legs and body leaving him sprawled out and helpless on the ground. As the lion seems about to deliver a mortal blow Thalia runs behind it and with a great strike cuts its tail off. Maximo arrives a moment later and wounds the lion's brow which causes it to roar in pain and rage. The awful sound is too much for Maximo and he flees in terror; the monster senses his weakness and chases him down all the while clawing at his chest and arms.
I was very lucky to get a critical on the Tail! If I hadn't Logan would have been further isolated from the others.

Satisfied that the large human is no longer a threat the now grievously injured White Lion returns to finish off Logan, but only succeeds in further injuring his arms. Rhea throws herself at the monster n an attempt to save Logan and smashes out its knee causing the White Lion's bloody body to slump down and remain still. The monster is dead, and somehow they are alive. Battered and bruised, but alive.

Finally, the beast is dead. Logan and Rhea did most of the hard yards during the fight.

The survivors hack at and butcher the corpse, knowing on an instinctual level that they will need all the resources they can find if they are to survive long in this strange world of darkness where the ground seems to be made of smooth faces. They carry what they can on them and wander into the darkness. Time passes and they wander on, but then they see a light in the darkness. As they approach it they find a mammoth pile of lanterns and a small group of people like themselves. One of them, a man, approaches, points at himself and utters the first words they have heard, "Caleb." He points at the glowing lantern hoard and says, "home."

Got to love the art.

The survivors now number fourteen, and now thanks to Caleb they can communicate with each other. They quickly set to work improving their home, creating a skinnery to make armour and clothes from the hides of monsters, a bone smith where they can fashion primitive weapons, and an organ grinder which they will use to create concoctions to aid them in the days to come. They then used what they had to make nearly a full set of raw hide armour and darts made of bone. Caleb, the father of words, also made all the survivors sit down and discussed the importance of developing their minds as well as creating buildings and weapons. From this the concept of the settlement Symposium was born, it was believed that this sharing of minds would help guide the development of the settlement. They discussed how they would need to hunt any monsters they could find in order to find more resources and keep themselves safe. At the end of the meeting Caleb turned to the original four survivors, "You must go and slay another lion so that we have a future."

Stoically, they agreed and prepared themselves for the hunt....


This is the start of my new campaign for this blog. I've played the full campaign through before but to keep it simple I've made this one a fairly standard People of the Lantern campaign with the only additions being that I am using the Flower Knight and some of the White Box Promos I've picked up (particularly the hunt events).  One thing I am doing different is that I am using the Vibrant Lantern (link on left) Settlement Manager to do my book keeping rather than doing it by hand. This should save some time and help me out a lot later in the campaign where there is a lot going on. I also find sometimes I'll leave a campaign for a week and have a hard time remembering everything that was going on.

The prologue itself went pretty well. I chose to use my founding stone for the +1 Strength on Maximo as it is my intent to go for Fist and Tooth mastery with him and the extra strength will help. The fight itself was pretty straightforward otherwise. It was a close run thing for Logan but that was largely due to the effects of Terrifying Roar splitting up all my survivors and Logan keeping drawing hit locations that earned him the priority token. I was relieved to make it through without any severe injuries and I got a good hand of resources. I chose to use a new survivor to utter the first words simply because I hadn't done that before, wanted to spread the courage and understanding around, and wanted to get my original four to 2 Hunt XP at the same time.

In terms of settlement development it was also pretty straight forward. I built the three standard sites rather than go for an augury (I didn't want to risk losing a resource.) I also innovated and ended up having the choice between Drums and Symposium. This is a no-brainer and I went with Symposium as this will help me shape my innovations throughout my campaign.

For gear I built all of a rawhide set less the pants, and some bone darts. Rawhide sets are excellent and I used some White Lion Fur to make them. I usually save White Fur for a White Lion Armour set but this campaign I want to try getting to leather quicker and skipping White Lion Armour. I made bone darts as this is the only way to guarantee that drawing ground fighting in my next White Lion hunt doesn't turn into a disaster.

Hope you enjoyed the write-up and keen to hear any feedback.


  1. Superb. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Thanks mate, I'll keep them coming

  3. Cool narrative! Keep going with the good work ;)

  4. First off, don't knock your painting skill. I think those minis look great! Secondly, I'm snowed in at work and thankful I now habe these to read this evening. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thanks mate, glad you had something to get you through the storm.