Monday, 16 January 2017

Aephyus Lantern Year 4

Caleb, Lorena, Gaea and Thalia approached the Butcher carefully. The monster stood there motionless, letting its oversized cleavers hang loosely at its side. The only indication that it was somehow alive at all was the misty air from its deep and heavy breathing steaming the cold darkness. Lorena motions to Caleb to flank the monster from a giant stone face and he and Thalia move to take up their positions as Gaea and Lorena move forward to confront the abomination.

Once in place Caleb and Thalia both loose their clawed arrows both of which lodge in the Butcher's Gut and knock it down to the ground. Seeing its vulnerability Lorena surges forward and slashes its greaves and thick cape to shreds with her Katar. As the armoured monster scrambles back to its feet Gaea moves in front of it and readies her shield.

A pretty good way to start your first Nemesis showdown.

In a whirlwind of fury and blades, the Butcher lashes out at the survivors around it. It launches a massive blow in an attempt to Hew Gaea in half but her shield takes the force. Frustrated by its lack of success the Butcher carves wildly at the Green Saviour but she is too fast and he manages only to just nick her rawhide headband.

Thalia uses the confusion to dash behind the beast and bring her Twilight Sword down across its unnerving mask as Caleb lets loose a hail of arrows which pierce the Butcher's cape and gauntlets. Lorena piles in with more attacks and breaks the nemesis' crown. In an instant it lashes out and sends Thalia, Lorena and Gaea sprawling to the ground. Seeing the vulnerability of his fellow survivors Caleb calls out to Gaea to rise. With effort she does and she brings her shield up to protect her fallen comrades. The Butcher is enraged by her defiance and kicks and hews at her but for naught. Gaea is fulfilling her destiny as a saviour of Aephyus and no harm comes to her.

Gaea was more than the Butcher could handle throughout the fight. I really can't overstate how much a Green Saviour helps when fighting the Butcher. 

Thalia then rips away the Butcher's Cape with a swing of her twilight Blade, but is knocked away as the Butcher hews away wildly at the survivors. Gaea wears the brutal blows the best she can and applies a bandage to staunch the blood that is now flowing from her chest. From the vantage point of the giant stone face Caleb continues to let fly arrow after arrow into the Butcher, bringing it close to the point of death. It took until this point in the fight but it seemed now that the Butcher realised the mortal threat posed to it by Caleb and it rushed furiously at her to cut her to pieces. It came to naught though as the Butcher once again found its path blocked by the resolute Green Saviour and his cleavers found only empty air and her shield.

With a knowing smile and a nod from Thalia, Caleb let loose the killing arrow which buried itself in the Butcher's Furious Scrag. In an explosion of blood and gore the beast was decapitated, though its corpse still stood lifeless in place. All of the survivors let out cries of celebration and inspired by Gaea's efforts learnt to better evade their enemies strikes. They also manage to salvage one of their nemesis's cleavers in order to outfit their settlement with a mighty weapon.

Careful manipulation of the HL deck with the Cat Eye Circlet allowed me to avoid the trap and put the final wound onto the Death Blow location. This would not have been possible without Gaea giving me the security of knowing I was in control of the fight after getting  the Butcher down to 1 wound. 

Their celebration though was short lived though as a roaring sound split the sky. With a flash the Butcher exploded in light and cracks in the ground appeared beneath the survivor's feet. The Survivors rushed back towards the settlement, nimbly dodging the chasms which threatened to swallow them into the dark abyss. After what was only moments but seemed an eternity they made it back, but only just. They felt sure that had any of them been wearing heavier equipment then they might not have made it.

A hell of a lucky thing that no one had heavy gear such as the White Lion armour. 

The celebrations resumed though when the hunting party were met by the other survivors of Aephyus. Elated to be alive and to have so convincingly defeated such a terrible foe they partied long into the night and thus was it that two more Saviours were born. Diana, daughter of Wilfried and Starbuck came into being and declared that she had dreamed the dream of the Lantern and would protect the settlement with deadly ranged weapons. Marius, son of Gerald and Freya, emerged from his dream with the rage of a beast, determined to strike down any who would bring harm to the people of Aephyus. As if the birth of two saviours was not enough good fortune, twins were born to Hiram and Scout. 

The survivors who had faced the Butcher were more melancholic than the others though. Caleb found Gaea sitting quietly contemplating the lantern horde whilst the others celebrated and asked her what was wrong. Gaea replied that she was happy that she had been able to protect the settlement but that she could feel that such effort had seemed to cost her dearly and that she could feel her life force ebbing as if blood from a wound. She resolved that she would seek to understand the nature of who she was so that she may protect the settlement forever. Thalia was also quiet and contemplated what it meant to have taken the first steps towards mastering the Twilight Sword and if it would be enough to face the hooded twilight knight when he returned. To symbolize her commitment to mastering her weapon for the good of the settlement she took the original cloth she wore when she first battled alongside the original founders and remade it into a tabard to cover herself in battle. 

Thalia, one of the original founders begins her journey to become a Twilight Knight. 

As the elation of survival slowly faded away, the hunger and stark reality of the settlement's existence returned. Knowingly, Caleb, Lorena and Thalia came together and planned their next hunt. This time they would hunt the antelope whose screams and tortured them several years past. Gaea would not come with them as she was busy meditating on her existence, but Icarus jumped at the chance to rejoin the hunt....


Butcher fights don't go much smoother than this. I was able to open up with two Claw Head Arrows hitting the Butcher for a -2 evasion total and knocking him down. From there I used surge and dash liberally to pile on the hurt and I think I managed ~5 wounds the very first turn. From there it was a simple matter of tanking the Butcher with my green saviour (who had 5 armour at all locations, and +4 Evasion) and controlling the HL deck with the Cat Eye Circlet. At no stage was the Butcher able to reliably put damage through onto Gaea and that meant I had the time to make sure I got my first proficiency point with the twilight sword with Thalia and that eventually I could death blow the Butcher to get the extra stats (I chose evasion for everyone bar Thalia, who took accuracy to help with the Twilight Sword). 

I want to mention that I used the V 1.4 Lantern Hoard to age up Gaea to age 2 in order to allow her to bring more evasion to the fight. I'm not sure how balanced this is as it seems a bit too easy to power up a saviour for their first fight.

Cracks in the ground came up and I nearly had a heart attack when I rolled a 1, only to find that no one was packing any heavy kit. Definitely a lucky break as I would have hated to lose any of these four survivors. 

As for the settlement phase not too much went down as I couldn't innovate. Instead I pumped endeavors into Augury and was rewarded with more saviours thanks to Hovel, twins, and managed to  get Gaea more understanding in order to try and get her to be ageless.

Anyways hope you enjoyed. 


  1. I'm just about to hit this point in my own campaign - we've actually had great luck up to this point as far as people (less so on gear) and we did just breed a green savior, so I'm hoping I can have a similar result to you and not the full party wipe im scared of lol.

    Keep updating this, I am reading eagerly.

    1. The Butcher fight I find tends to go one way or another really quick due to the dreaded trophies trait. As soon as one or two survivors go down it can be really tough to get back in the fight. That said with some bandages and a green saviour you've got a good shot.

  2. Suffered one deaf result due to a bite (dude went all mike Tyson on us :P) and that's it. Pretty solid. and bred another savior after :) This community is pretty damn blessed so far.