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Aephyus Lantern Year 2

The hunting party sets off once again in search of their quarry. This time though the mood in the hunting party is different as Caleb and Lorena lead the way with a cool intelligence and optimism. It isn't long until they come across an area that stinks of lion urine. While Thalia and Icarus are revolted at the smell and wish to move away immediately, Caleb and Lorena make them wait as they investigate further. After a few hours of exploring the unique scents Lorena declares that she believes that they could use their own urine to create Ammonia which would have all sorts of uses. The others are doubtful, but agree they can try it out later. As the party heads off torrential rains are suddenly unleashed and the ground around the hunters gives way. They manage to muddle their way through the mud slide but both Caleb and Thalia get battered bodies in the process.

Ah, the sweet smell of cat urine!

As they head on Thalia notices a similar pattern to the last hunt and mentions to the parties that it seems that the White Lion may be hunting prey of its own. The others are excited at the opportunity this could present but Thalia warns them it was of little help to Logan and Maximo during their previous battle. Suddenly the come to an area where the plain stone faces that make up the ground are somehow rotting beneath their feet and find themselves getting stuck. With great effort though they manage to free themselves and not long after they find the White Lion they have been hunting prowling through the long grass hunting prey of its own. It's clear that they could wait to fight the Lion after it has brought down its prey, but to do so would risk it getting away and not getting home with enough resources. They decide to fight it immediately and move through the long grass to surprise it.

Lorena and Caleb take charge of the fight and direct Thalia to climb up a giant stone face so she can better fire at the lion with her bow. They spread out to surround the prowling Lion and when they are in position Lorena calls out to Thalia to fire the opening shot. She lets loose a claw head arrow straight into the monsters brow which lodges there, slowing it down for the rest of the showdown. Furious, the White Lion rushes at her and claws her arms and head leaving her sprawled out helpless on the ground. Caleb though is perfectly positioned and is able to run to her aid and with his Katar destroy its heel and rupture its tendons! The lion is knocked down in pain allowing Icarus and Lorena to work together to wound its flank. Caleb intuitively understands what the Lion will do next and shouts out to Lorena to hide behind a Great Stone Face. As the lion gets up to attack it can't see any threats, only the cowering Thalia. The survivors are deathly silent as the lion then sniffs the air to find new threats to savage.

Caleb manages to crit the Lion's heel. The White Lion sustained a lot of critical wounds during the fight which ended up meaning it had 2 -1 accuracy tokens. 

Icarus strikes again with his founding stone and sheers off the beasts tail. The other survivors miss the Lion but Lorena is able to warn Caleb to get back in the long grass. Only moments later the monster grasps out at him but he is able to evade its lethal reach and strike back with a devastating blow that rips the White Lion's jaw clean off. Thalia's arrows are not flying with unerring accuracy and another lodges itself in the chest of the beast. The others look on in awe as Lorena laughs and moves herself straight in front of the beast. It charges at her but with no jaw all it can do when it reaches her is vomit profusely. Lorena just laughs at the absurdity of the situation as yet another of Thalia's arrows strikes the lion's throat. Caleb manages to slash at the beast's groin but in retaliation the lion's strange hand lashes out and tears deeply into his torso, knocking him down.

This had me worried for a second as I really want to see Caleb stick around as one of the mainstays of my settlement. It's always good to remember that a lion is dangerous until it is dead!

Icarus, desperate to prove himself and protect one of the settlement's leaders flails wildly at the lion, rending the flesh from its arm and puncturing its ear drums. The lion now is grievously wounded and having difficulty moving but it isn't ready to die yet. Lorena prepares a dart to finish the lion, but its weakness is a clever ploy! The lion though is spent and his clumsy attack hits nothing but the air around here. Resigned, the lion slumps to the ground, daring the survivors to come close to try and finish him off. Lorena gave Thalia the nod, and the archer put the beast out of its misery with a final razor sharp arrow.

All was not well though at the settlement, and they returned to find Rhea deathly sick. Her wounds had somehow festered into putrulent boils and she was coughing mucus and blood terribly. Thalia, Caleb and Icarus ran to comfort her. She coughed again, covering them fluids. Lorena ran after them and cursed the for fools as they were now infected. She quarantined off the plague victims and directed the rest of the settlement to produce as much ammonia as they could. It was barely enough, while they managed to scrub away the plague with the pungent liquid, nothing they did could stop Rhea from dying. Thalia spent time at her grave, mourning and reflecting that of the founders of Aephyus only she now survived. 

Rest in Peace Rhea, we hardly knew ye.

Caleb and Lorena come to comfort her and together they find a way to paint a crude depiction of the three fallen founders within the settlement. The survivors look on in awe and are inspired by the invention of this new art form. They work industriously to finish a set of Rawhide Armour, a beautiful Cat Eye Circlet, and under the direction of Lorena a Leather Worker where they can use their new ammonia to turn hides into leather to offer them greater protection.


Well I might have had a plague which killed one of my founders but all in all not a bad year. I lucked out and managed to innovate ammonia through hunt events and this combined with having Tinker on Caleb and Lorena was crucial to allowing me to get rid of Plague (it used up nearly all my innovations). If I hadn't had ammonia from the hunt event I still would have had a chance at getting it using innovation. Even with symposium its not a sure thing and if I hadn't drawn it things would have got ugly pretty quick.

The fight itself went pretty well as I was able to make the most of my new weapons and the rawhide bands to get rid of AI cards I didn't want to see come up and ensure that ground-fighting actually became an opportunity to regroup and regain control of the situation. I had the option to start with 5 wounds on the monster but only take half resources. There was no way I'd do this as those resources are badly needed at the beginning and now that I have some decent weapons (Bow + Katar) the fight itself is usually pretty manageable.

In terms of development I chose to innovate Paint over storytellling, scarification and nightmare training. I wanted to make sure that I got all of the survival actions as soon as possible. Part of me did consider taking one of the others simply to have a better shot at Hovel next year (to start getting saviours and last names) but I decided Paint was a better idea. Also I knew I wouldn't be getting intimacy this year due to using so many endeavours to stop the plague. Finally, I built the Leatherworker early. I had no white fur so lion armour wasn't an option anyways and this way I can hopefully get at least a Leather Shield before the Butcher comes to town. I was also able to squirrel away a few resources for a rainy day.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it.

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